Hey Pilots!

We’re happy to announce that PACER Patch 1.06 is now LIVE on PS4 and PC.

Please find the patch notes below and as always, please do keep your feedback coming as it is incredibly valuable to have your feedback and make changes where needed!

Until next race!

-Team R8Games

Patch 1.06 Change List


{Fixed} – Audio – Updated the audio mix and surround sound settings for all versions – (additional tweaks are still being implemented).
{Fixed} – Tracks – Aguila – Altered the collision at the top of the tunnel entrances so at higher speed classes the user is less likely to become stuck or experience odd physics issues.


{Fixed} – Audio – Optimised the collision audio for lower end consoles to improve gameplay performance for all players.
{Fixed} – Spectator – Fixed an issue where if a user joins an online lobby as a spectator, they will be incorrectly removed from the lobby on their second race with a NE003 Error.
{Fixed} – Online Lobby Notifications – Fixed an issue that prevented the online notification working with certain hardware configurations.
{Fixed} – Online Lobby Notifications – Fixed an issue where the button to automatically join an online lobby was clipping out of the pause menu in some languages.
{Fixed} – Online Lobby Notifications – This can be enabled/disabled in the ‘Gameplay’ Settings menu (this is set to ‘ON’ by default).
{Fixed} – Settings – Fixed an issue where it was possible to create an online destruction lobby without weapons.


* Massive collision events in a race can cause a performance drop (e.g. when 5 or more craft all collide with the track walls at the same time)
– This issue is the cause of the random frame drop as can be seen when AI collide with the track walls on some tracks.
– This issue is more prominent when all users are on the screen at the same time

* New Speed lap / Endurance warning message will incorrectly display for a moment at the end of a multiplayer event.

* Due to the rebalancing of the team goals, it is possible to get a (6/5) for some team campaigns on the overview.
– Unlocks will be awarded to the user at 5 completions.
– This is being addressed in the next patch where improved end user tracking of the goals is being added.

* We have received reports of users losing their save data on the PS4 platform.
– We are currently investigating this issue but have so far been unsuccessful in finding any replication steps.
– If anyone can provide additional information to this issue please get in touch with the team.