SONASHAHAR is a new Indian track revealed during E3 2019.

Set in India, Sonashahar is teeming with incredible views. Pilots will be faced with huge climbs, plunging drops, wide turns and a vertical track split. A must-race for those new to the league!

Sonashahar’s circuit is set in beautiful India and showcases Pacer’s stunning visuals, casting light on the track’s jumps, turns, climbs, apexes, and tunnels in what is the latest addition to the game’s 14 strong roster. Like all other tracks in the deep, skill-based racing game’s library, Sonashahar will be playable in both day and night – the latter really highlighting its neon lights, glistening in the reflections on track – as well as in reverse and mirror modes, meaning this track alone offers a total of eight different versions to play, straight out of the gate.

See you out on the track!